“ TRIO Upward Bound, the leaders, mentors, and peers each played an integral role in helping a young man like myself develop into the person I am today. TRIO helped me achieve my potential as a high school student. From teaching me how to apply to colleges and scholarships, to free tutoring, and molding me into a world citizen, the lessons I learned from TRIO Upward Bound prepared me for continued success. 

I first visited a university thanks to a tour organized by the leaders of my TRIO program. Three years later, I became the first in my family to graduate with a college degree. 

Every first generation student should have access to the resources TRIO offers. Without them, I can't say that I would've successfully graduated from a university. Without TRIO, its leaders, its support system, and those who fought for these programs before me, I wouldn't be the individual I am today.”

Michael Aguilar

State Outreach Associate

George Mason University

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