High-Achieving Alumni of College Opportunity Programs Celebrated at Educational Opportunity Dinner in Washington, DC

Dmitri Stockton
Global Investor Catalyst CEO
Alumnus of Upward Bound, North Carolina A&T University
Lifetime Service Award Winner and TRIO alumnus Dmitri Stockton reflected on his TRIO experience stating, “My TRIO alumni peers and I signify what is possible when someone gets just a little bit of help. Thank you to all the educators in the room for their critical role in shaping young people’s potential. You actually show the students the light every day and plant the seed for what is possible.” See Mr. Stockton’s full remarks at http://bit.ly/Stockton2017.





 Trinity Thorpe-Lubneuski
Director of Strategic Communications for Internet Essentials at Comcast
Alumna of Upward Bound, University of Wyoming
On behalf of dinner sponsor Internet Essentials at Comcast, TRIO alumna Trinity Thorpe-Lubneuski shared, “I wouldn’t be here today without the TRIO programs. What I love about the TRIO programs is that they break down barriers...for those who are facing insurmountable odds to not only define, but also achieve, their dreams. While my successes are a reflection of me and my drive, they are just as much a reflection of those who guided me, who built trusting relationships with me and showed me that they cared. They went above and beyond and they continue to do so.” See Ms. Thorpe-Lubneuski’s full remarks at http://bit.ly/ThorpeLubneuski.




2017 National TRIO Achievers 

Hector Balderas 
Attorney General, State of New Mexico
Alumnus of Upward Bound and Student Support Services
New Mexico Highlands University
 Timothy Granfield
Director and Associate Vice President, Strategy, Planning & Operations
Corporate Finance, Liberty Mutual Insurance
Alumnus of Upward Bound, University of New Hampshire
Tamara P. Nash
Special Assistant United States Attorney, State of South Dakota
Alumna of Talent Search and Student Support Services, Wayne State College
Simon K. Shannon
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, 3M Company
Alumnus of McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
David Perez Jimenez
Assistant Research Scientist and Associate Director,
Institute for Psychological Research, University of Puerto Rico
Alumnus of Student Support Services, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras


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